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Bear Simulator is a relatively simple game - it simulates a bear. The bear is you.


Explore everything. As a bear, your entire life is based on eating and exploring, and this game doesn't give you any sort of instructions on how to live like a bear.

You can explore a diverse set of environments with wildly different wildlife & landscapes, including:


Certain stats are granted by imbibing certain substances, incuding:

  • Run - how fast you run.
  • Dive - how long you can stay under water diving.
  • Intelligence - how smart your bear is.
  • Luck - does absolutely nothing.


As your bear gets more intelligent, it can eat different rare and exotic foods, ranging from berries & plants, to junk food & other animals.


Although it makes no sense to have an inventory, you have one. So that's a thing. Collect a bunch of stuff!

Customizable Bear

Your bear can wear hats and different skins as you collect & unlock them. Yeah.


Your bear has a den that holds all the trophies, decorations, and animal friends you've collected through your journeys. You can also sleep here to regenerate stamina and health. The amount replenished is determined by the upgrade state of your bed, and you can either choose to sleep all night or set your respawn.


  • Mouse 1: Swipe
  • Mouse 2: Power Swipe (once unlocked)
  • E: Collect/Eat
  • R: Other
  • Shift: Run (Press once then hold down the forward button)
  • Ctrl: Crawl Mode
  • Space: Jump
  • Tab: Menu
  • O: Options
  • ESC: Save/Quit
  • WASD: Move


  • Bipedal Mode - In this mode you can jump and power swipe. Unfortunately, in this mode you are incredibly slow.
  • Crawl Mode - You move faster than Bipedal, and you can attack small animals. When you jump, you go back to Bipedal Mode.
  • Run Mode - The fastest mode, but you lose stamina and control in this mode.
  • Power Swipe - Hold your button to charge an attack, and unleash a super powerful blow with a cooldown of 15 seconds.


  • Consider chasing smaller animals when crawling instead of bipedal mode, you are quicker and lower to the ground when crawling.
  • When it rains almost all animals disappear.
  • Small things like mushrooms, bugs and plants glow, consider exploring at night time to look for them.
  • Don’t travel to further regions without first exploring the closer regions, you would probably get beat up by tougher animals or confused by exotic foods.